Covid-19 Club Statement


Dear Friends
I am hearing reports that Celtic Park is currently being used by groups of youths despite the fact that we as a club are in a closure period. I am hopeful that none of these people are members of the club.
We have been instructed by the FAI, SFAI , the HSE and the Government to cease all activity at the club for a very good reason. By gathering in groups we are greatly increasing the risk of spreading or contacting Coronavirus Covid -19 which will potentially put all our families , friends , and relations at risk. I understand that our young people will find social distancing an alien concept and that they also because of their youth feel invincible . They may well be but their parents and grandparents are not . I am appealing to all members , coaches , managers , parents please speak to your children make sure they understand the dangers and what is happening here in Ireland at the moment. Please ensure that they are not amongst the youths entering our grounds until the curfew has been lifted . We are working with the Gardai to deal with the problem and have asked them to treat anyone found on the grounds as trespassers . This is why I am writing to make sure that none of our people are caught up in this. We are on the cusp of a very serious situation in Ireland at the moment . We only have to look to Italy and Spain to see what could soon become our reality. My greatest hope is that as a club and a town we will be fortunate enough to be untouched by this crisis but that will only happen if we listen and adhere to the guidelines. Please look after yourselves your families friends and relations and hopefully we will be back in full operation in the not too distant future. Thanks for your attention and co – operation.
Kind Regards
Paul Sherry & Tim Jones.
Chairman & Vice Chairman

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